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We provide peace of mind in the toughest environments

Druck, a Baker Hughes business, delivers world-class expertise, excellence, and reliability in the toughest environments. Druck’s piezo-resistive pressure sensors and test and calibration instruments provide our customers with the highest performance, stability, quality, accuracy, and quickest response in any environment.

What began in 1972 as a small business in Leicester, UK has grown into a global pressure-measurement business recognized as a world leader serving a wide range of applications for customers in more than 70 countries.

Druck’s high-quality products develop from the in-house, raw processing of silicon to delivering the final product.

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Configurable Modular + Digital Communication Pressure Sensors 


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Air Data Test Set

Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) - Pitot Static Testers

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Flight qualified Aerospace Pressure Sensors


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three airplanes lined up to be inspected

Our Aerospace division has provided in excess of 400,000 pressure sensors in over 20 years of serving the industry.<…


Druck offers on-vehicle, engine cells, and test environment pressure technologies for the Automotive Industry.<…

water and wastewater panametrics

Built for accuracy and precision, Druck’s pressure sensors provide peace of mind in the toughest environments.

Water & Wastewater
Marine Industry

The UNIK 5000 pressure sensors comply with international standards, regulations, and Marine Law.


Druck RPS/DPS 8100 is a highly accurate and stable pressure sensor ideal for meteorology applications.

Power Generation

Druck and the DPS 8000 TERPS provide increased accuracy in the fuel monitoring of gas turbines.

Power Generation
condition monitoring, oil industry, gas industry, machinery protection, predictive maintenance, vibration monitoring, Bently Nevada

See how the DPS5000 I²C helps GDN's achieve a higher degree of certainty against regulator failure.

Oil & Gas
Steel manufacturing

See how the UNIK5000 allows for greater accuracy and in turn a more reliably consistent product.

What does Druck do?
We provide peace of mind in the toughest environments
Air Data Test Sets
Learn why the world's major airlines and militaries trust Druck's pitot static testers to calibrate their aircraft avionics systems
Up to 50% productivity improvement
Discover how Druck’s calibration management software 4Sight2 can boost asset performance
Druck Assured equipment uptime
Ensure a predictable cost of ownership and a best in class service. Druck Assured Service Plans maximize your operating uptime, with a prioritized response from our team of industry experts
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Technology + Innovation

Expertise + Partnership

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Wide range of industries and applications

Technology + Innovation

Since 1972, Druck has applied technological innovation, expertise and a focus on customers’ applications to the diverse and demanding world of pressure measurement, test and calibration. We are one of the few pressure sensing, test and calibration manufacturers to make the silicon sensing element in-house at our own facilities, ensuring the highest quality and performance in delivering world class, highly accurate pressure sensors and instrumentation. Our technology has been developed to support the most rigorous, challenging and precise applications while providing accurate and reliable data.

Expertise + Partnership

Druck is passionate about delighting customers and we understand the significant role our products play in our customers’ business performance. With a long history of working across many industries, we know what matters when developing pressure sensors, calibrators and test equipment. A partnership with Druck is more than a customized product. We provide a dedicated team, a sophisticated supply chain and our customer-focused approach to product development to ensure we meet your application needs. Our long-term customer partnerships provide productivity benefits that are pivotal to our mutual success.

Our Vision

We delight customers with tailored pressure measurement solutions that address their challenges. Our deep domain knowledge of customers’ applications, the most innovative and high-performance, connected-pressure sensing devices, instruments, software and services, embody our highest standards of safety, quality and delivery.

Wide range of industries and applications

Our engineering teams continue developing new pressure sensor platforms and test and calibration instruments to meet the changing demands of applications in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Motorsport, Oil & Gas, Hydrology, Meteorology, Marine, Power Generation, Transportation, Semiconductors, Industrial manufacturing and many more.  Have a question regarding your industry or application? Contact us. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.