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High accuracy pressure sensors with digital outputs

Druck Digital Communication Pressure Sensors

Druck’s DPS5000 digital communication pressure sensors offer integrated digital electronics to enhance performance to levels unmatched by traditional analogue sensors.  Druck’s DPS5000 pressure sensors are robust and easy to use, with connectivity including an I²C digital direct interface.  Also, low power characteristics ensure they are an ideal solution for a range of applications e.g. gas volume correctors/meters, water meters/data-loggers, weather stations, remote and wireless monitoring applications.

Druck’s TERPS (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) provides a combination of accuracy, stability and robustness unparalleled by other pressure sensors of its kind.    TERPS’ stability and reliability result in less time calibrating sensors.  Robust sensor construction protects the quality of data and laboratory level accuracy achieved in harsh field environments mean greater availability and performance of your assets.

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