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Upgrade your operation.

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BHGE's Nexus Control System is designed around the plant operator to improve their decision-making speed and accuracy when the plant is not operating under normal conditions. Nexus offers a unified software environment with the ability to dynamically make online changes to the application system logic that controls the plant operations. This capability helps optimize uptime without the need to be reliant on the manufacturer.

For customers with legacy control systems that need more analytic capabilities, redundancy in controls, and a long-term supported platform, Nexus provides a redundant architecture, an easy to use interface, and simplified trending capabilities.

Nexus is also ideal for operations with disparate control systems that want a single unified interface for troubleshooting, maintaining, and providing visibility into the performance of assets.

The Nexus Control System is a great way for plant operations to reduce risk by providing better visibility into the lifecycle of their asset, improved troubleshooting, simplified programming, and the ability to perform online configurations and changes unlike costly third-party platforms. BHGE delivers performance management software that tracks the efficiency and degradation of assets, process-oriented function blocks for software modification, and a robust software package that allows for logic changes while the unit is operational. To learn more, explore the new product information in Downloads or contact us today.


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