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Control System Simulation
Control System Simulation

Accurate and Easy-to-Maintain Simulator

Control System Simulation

GE brings more than 50 years in turbine control and design expertise together with an unmatched knowledge of the turbines at your site. With a virtual controller from GE, you can have an accurate and easy-to-maintain simulator that only an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can provide. GE’s virtual controller software creates a safe environment for training and testing control system changes to help improve the effectiveness of your operations and maintenance processes.

The Virtual Controller for Mark VI and Mark VIe simulates control system responses in a safe, software environment with no risk to an operating power plant. It is provided with an Application Programming Interface (API) for integration with the overall plant simulator. The virtual controller exhibits exceptional high-fidelity in its simulation of the turbine control and its associated GE HMI, facilitating system validation testing, installation support, operator training, maintenance training, and ongoing change management.

Product Features


Provides operators a safe environment for training, and allows for exploration of optimized operations

Review Changes Before Implementation

Provides a testing environment in which to review changes before applying in the operating plant

Save Initial Conditions

Saves and restores initial conditions to quickly take the virtual controller to a desired scenario without having to maneuver or restart the simulation

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Supports scenario-based training for technicians to learn troubleshooting and repair techniques on GE controls

Reduced Time

Reduces control system commissioning time for new plants

System Integration

Each virtual controller consists of four major processes that perform the following:

Run the identical application code that runs in the operating Mark VI or VIe controllers, and provide high fidelity responses with machinery simulations
Provide communication interface with the ToolboxST* to allow highly realistic configuration and diagnostics simulation
Provide Ethernet Global Data (EGD) services in support of our HMI simulations
Provide alarm services to accurately model the alarms delivered to the simulator from the Mark VI or VIe panels

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