ActivePoint HMI Upgrade
ActivePoint HMI Upgrade

Focus on what's important

ActivePoint HMI Upgrade

In collaboration with nearly 100 global power plant operators, GE developed the ActivePoint HMI package to increase plant operator efficiency and awareness. The improved system provides simpler and more intuitive graphics and navigation while applying a more holistic strategy for the management of alarms and alerts, meaning operators and plant maintenance personnel can focus on what is important.

ActivePoint was designed with many industry standards in mind, including ISA 18.2 (for the O&G industry). This advanced software improves how operators interact with the system, enabling more informed decision making. In addition, the ActivePoint HMI provides the latest in GE's HMI technology to create even more benefit to the e-technology platforms, represented through the enhanced modular-based technology of the Mark* VIe, EX2100e and LS2100e.

Product Features

Key Benefits
  • Simplified graphics and navigation mean improved operator efficiency and reduction in errors.
  • Improved alarm prioritization and rationalization reduces actionable alarms by 80%.
    • New use of data to classify and prioritize alarms as diagnostic, alerts or actionables
    • Suppresses and shelves alarms that are not risks or need immediate action
  • Roles-based access displays necessary information to ease decisions.
Other Benefits
  • Can be deployed through commercial, industrial, panel mount and server-based thin client HMIs.
  • Historical Trending – Dynamic control of objects on the screens enables operators to analyze issues, identify root causes, and take actions to avoid future problem.
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