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Multiple control options deliver superior control and protection

Turbine Control Systems

BHGE offers integrated turbine and compressor controls that deliver outstanding performance and exceptional value to our customers.  The company’s engineers and technicians manufacture every one of its gas turbines and compressors in our own factories so our customers can be assured of the perfection and integrity in every piece of machinery that rolls out of BHGE’s factories.

By comparison, our competitors have no onsite manufacturing facilities nor do they offer the expertise to design, manufacture and assemble rotating equipment to produce the best gas turbines and compressors that BHGE delivers to our customers every day.

BHGE owns, manages and maintains our control platform to deliver outstanding hardware, firmware and software solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each of our customers.


Value Proposition

Mark VIe Control Platform

Our premium centralized rack-based system supports even the largest and most complex turbines. Your ability to understand, control, and protect your entire plant is critical to deriving its greatest operating value, pulling every possible bit of efficiency, reliability, and availability from your assets. BHGE's intuitive digital Mark VIe Integrated Control System software gives you that power. Whether you’re controlling a single turbine or your entire plant, our original equipment manufacturer expertise takes controls to new levels of performance, operability, and flexibility.

Nexus Control System

BHGE's Nexus Control System is designed around plant operators to improve their decision-making speed and accuracy when the plant is not operating under normal conditions. Nexus offers a unified software environment with the ability to dynamically make online changes to the application system logic that controls plant operations. This capability helps optimize uptime without the need to rely on the manufacturer.

Dedicated Team of Retrofit Specialists

Our team will design, install and commission generator control and protection products including excitation, static start and generator protection systems. Broad domain expertise in the modernization of excitation applications including brushless, static and compound systems on gas, steam, hydro and nuclear turbine generators from a wide variety of globally manufacturers. Excitation and starter upgrades can be provided as a standalone project or combine with our turbine and plant controls, HMI and Cybersecurity product to provide a fully integrated retrofit solution.

Instrumentation and Controls Systems

BHGE's electromechanical solutions are a critical piece of a control system's migration or full panel retrofit. Integration considerations need to be made based on the age of the control system and its interface with software and electromechanical components.  BHGE has the expertise and OEM knowledge to evaluate these needs to ensure assets remain reliable. Our solutions have the potential to improve performance, online capability, provide redundancy and fit within the current operations envelope.

OptiComp™ Compressor Train Control

Drawing on more than 25 years of accumulated domain knowledge in turbine and compressor controls in gas processing and pipelines, our OptiComp™ Integrated Compressor Control Suite offers a comprehensive and scalable solution with superior control software running on BHGE's fast and reliable Mark™ VIe control platform. We can extend control and protective functions for equipment beyond the basic machine train, such as associated auxiliaries up to and including the entire compressor station. Bently Nevada's Compressor Control Suite leverages the 3500

Turbo Expander Control System

BHGE turboexpander-compressors are used industry-wide for reliable refrigeration service and high plant energy efficiency. We provide the frame sizes, capacities, footprints and weights to match virtually any application. With over 60 years of experience, our global installed base includes the industry’s first turboexpander-compressor used for GTL, first NACE-compliant active magnetic bearings (AMB), and first AMB installed on an FPSO.

HMI Upgrades and Configurations

BHGE's Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables more efficient and productive control system and unit performance. These HMIs are the window into your operations, providing the intelligence that operators and maintenance technicians need to maintain and improve the productivity of assets in the plant.

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