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Mark V Revitalization & Support
Mark V Revitalization & Support

Designed with longevity in mind

Mark V Revitalization & Support

The Mark V Revitalization Program provides a support option for Mark V control customers who are not ready to retrofit or migrate to the Mark VIe platform. Customers benefit from features like panel refurbishment, parts support, extended warranty, technical assistance and Health Advisor assessment – all designed to lengthen the lifecycle of Mark V controls.

Product Features

Key Benefits

As the world's leading manufacturer of turbines - and the OEM of the Mark V - GE has the engineering experience, access to original design data, product documentation and long-term commitment to uniquely support this value-added program.

  • Refurbishment of all primary circuitry boards within the Mark V control
  • Mark V technical and part support for five years after installation
  • Annual Health Advisor assessments
  • Gold level Technical Support Agreement (TSA) with 50 hours of yearly phone support
  • Review of GE Technical Information Letters (TILs) relevant to the covered equipment and software with a 25% discount on software TILs
  • 10% off Toolbox upgrades and formal training
Other Benefits
  • Extend the life of the Mark V control with high reliability and consistent performance
  • Provide guaranteed fast access to Mark V parts
  • Provide cost savings by replacing life-limited components
  • Improve reliability and reduce unplanned downtime
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