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Human Machine Interface (HMI to HMI) Upgrade
Human Machine Interface (HMI to HMI) Upgrade

Intelligence to improve productivity for your plant

Human Machine Interface (HMI to HMI) Upgrade

GE’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables more efficient and productive control system and unit performance. These HMIs are the window into your operations, providing the intelligence that operators and maintenance technicians need to maintain and improve the productivity of assets in the plant.

Product Features

Key Benefits

Whether existing HMIs are used for operation of gas or steam turbines, generator excitation, compressors, heat recovery steam generators or the balance of plant equipment, GE's HMIs can be configured to match existing and future needs with customizeable upgrade options meant to enhance existing functionalisty for operations while reducing operational impact.

Ugrading your HMI provides the latest in GE's HMI technology to create even more benefit to the e-technology platforms, represented through the enhanced modular-based technology of the Mark VIe, EX2100e and LS2100e. GE offers a variety of HMI hardware options to meet your specific needs including Control Server HMI solution, traditional Commercial Towers, Rack Mount Servers (2U), Industrial Units (4U) and HMIs mounted directly in the panel of the control system.

Benefits of Upgrading
  • Keep updated with the latest control system firmware and software to keep your assets as productive as possible
  • Gain access to GE’s latest HMI technology, ActivePoint*, designed specifically to improve operator efficiency when the HMI is used with a Mark VIe, EX2100e or LS2100e.
  • Upgrade to newer Windows® Operating System to alleviate the challenges of supporting older systems.
  • Versatile trending and data analysis tools deliver real-time monitoring and improved asset performance.
  • Improved security posture with enablement of Cyber Asset Protection subscription service
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