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Controller ModKits
Controller ModKits

Seamlessly upgrade your control system


GE's modification kits can address concerns related to compliance or obsolescence to accommodate the ever-changing technology of control systems. We offer packaged Modkits to seamlessly upgrade your system with the latest Controller Cards. In addition to the latest controller hardware, Modkits include any necessary software upgrades, engineering changes to the application/configuration files, and site services to implement the upgrade.

Product Features

Key Benefits
  • Gateway to more capabilities: The latest cards are compatible with options such as DLN
  • Better performing cards: Greatly increased processor speed and RAM
  • Guaranteed availability: Spares will be widely available for the newest cards, meaning shorter outages     
System Applicability
  • Mark* VI, LS2100 & Innovation Series Controller
  • EX2100*
  • Mark VIe
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