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Let BHGE’s Control Solutions connect you to the right expert at the right time to meet your needs. We know that you face challenges with diverse fleets of aging equipment and reduced resources. 

Your Industrial Control System (ICS) is the digital center of plant operations and are responsible for keeping your facility running safely and efficiently. These assets must be regularly maintained and updated to ensure you get the most out of your investments. 

We have you covered whether you are looking for 24/7 Technical Support, Live Remote Diagnostics, At-Site Field Engineering or Parts Management. We partner with you to securely optimize operations, minimize downtime and improve safety through our customized service agreements.

Get the most out of your Investments!

Service Packages

We offer four standard levels of Service Subscriptions that deliver outcome-based value to help you optimize your Control System at every point in time: 

  • Adopt: Gets your resources up to speed on your new technology to ensure smooth operation during your warranty period
  • Maintain: Provides unlimited phone and web support as well as priority Field Engineer mobilization and part shipment to assist in maintaining your system
  • Improve: Moves beyond response-based focus to offer cybersecurity and remote diagnostic support to improve your system’s operation.
  • Comprehensive: Emphasizes the importance of keeping customers continuously current to help reduce the costs of maintaining legacy assets and delayed upgrades


These packages are completely flexible and can be combined with any of our à la carte service offerings. We know that each customer is unique and we pride ourselves on creating the right service package to help you achieve your specific goals

Control System Health Checks

Your Control System is the brains of your operation. Ensure you are getting the most out of ALL of your investments with our Health Checks, also called Preventative Maintenance Checks, which provide:

  • Critical planning for your next outage
  • Recommendations based on system alarms and logs
  • Control constant reconciliation planning
  • Testing for power supply failures and ground faults
  • Site specific recommended patches and updates
  • Informal training/coaching as needed
  • Optional spares testing and gap analysis
  • Detailed report with all recommended actions


These Health Check visits are especially useful in planning for an upcoming outage to ensure you meet your outage schedule and budget targets. Most importantly these visits make you a true partner in shaping the future of your Control System.  

Technical Support

BHGE offers 24/7 dedicated phone and web support. Our web portal provides customers with a site-specific dashboard to view information about their assets, designed to empower customers in plant decision-making. For problems requiring additional expertise, customers have guaranteed access to our dedicated BHGE phone support technicians. 

Remote Diagnostic Support

BHGE provides remote diagnostic services that deliver immediate technical support, expertise and troubleshooting. Application and control system experts are available 24/7 to provide interactive support within minutes--typically identifying a solution within 2 hours.

Remote diagnostics can also perform proactive health checks to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their assets. BHGE’s remote connection technology puts customers in control of who and when connections are made to their site. 

At-Site Field Engineering

BHGE Field Engineers draw from more than 30 years of accumulated domain knowledge to provide unparalleled expertise of Industrial Control Systems. Our strong partnerships provide us with OEM advantages that set us apart from our competition, while ensuring our customers that they're getting the very best service. From controller upgrades to preventative maintenance and lifecycle management, we never stop working to get the most value out of your assets. 

Our At-Site Offerings Include:

  • Plant Health Assessments
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Pre-outage Planning
  • Calibration and Optimization
  • Resident Field Engineer
  • Emergency Break-Fix Support
Parts Management


BHGE offers parts and repair capabilities through our dedicated parts team with more than 17,000 active part numbers. This is crucial to your Lifecycle Management strategy. Customers can choose from the following options that best meet their unique time and budgetary needs: 

  • Purchase new or refurbished parts for time-sensitive fixes
  • Repair existing parts to maximize the life of your investments 
  • Circuit board test and certification service
  • Spares review and assessment service


We also offer a managed inventory program that empowers you to operate with confidence. You can rest assured that you will be covered on parts for your critical control systems when you need them. We understand that one of your biggest challenges in dealing with spares is the balance between high investment and lifecycle risk.

BHGE helps you lower both investment costs and lifecycle risk by partnering with you to reduce your inventory levels and get the longest possible warranty period.

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