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LS2100e Static Starter
LS2100e Static Starter

Starting critical generating assets when they are needed

LS2100e Static Starter

The LS2100e Static Starter is the heart of the GE heavy-duty gas turbine starting system. It offers improved performance, protection, and flexibile operational profiles in a stand-alone or in a redundant, cross-over configuration. The LS2100e is available as a full drive or as a digital front end retrofit to modernize aging static starters. As a member of the Mark VIe controls family, it uses a common controller and ControlST software suite as other Mark VIe-based controls, to simplify plant operations and maintenance.

Product Features

Key Benefits
  • High acceleration torque for excellent performance
  • Structured controls migrations from Innovation Series and LS2100 vintage starters
  • Eliminates external cross-over PLCs when installed with Mark VIe controls
Other Benefits
  • Precise diagnostics reduces mean time to repair
  • A key building block in GE’s OpFlex and FastStart technologies
  • Control Solutions can add LS2100e starters to existing system to provide starting redundancy
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