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GP2100R Generator Protection & Control Panels (GPP)
GP2100R Generator Protection & Control Panels (GPP)

Customizable protection for critical generating assets

GP2100R Generator Protection & Control Panels (GPP)

The GP2100R line of Generator Protection Panels (GPP) is a flexible solution designed to protect turbine-generators from any OEM. The product is based on GE's Multilin family of Universal Relays, but can be customized around other OEM relays to support owner preferences. This system can be configured for the specific protective, metering, and control needs of each application. The GP2100R technology can be integrated with the EX2100e line of AVRs to create an advanced generator and control solution in a compact and cost effective package.

Product Features

  • Digital systems are easily integrated with other plant equipment via RS232, RS485, and Ethernet communications supporting Modbus® RTU and DNP 3.0 protocol
  • Design engineering packages detail the physical installation and interconnection of panels
  • Backplane parts kit can be provided for mounting the relays in an existing enclosure
  • Customizable application engineering available to adapt products to the specific protective, metering, and control needs of each application
  • Metering, oscillography, and event recording provide analysis tools for capturing and analyzing power system data
  • Improved protection selectivity, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance and calibration of electromechanical relays
  • Global service team resolves complex power system problems, determines appropriate protective function settings and integrates your new protection system with the rest of your plant Installation services, including standalone technical consultations or in conjunction with labor services and commissioning
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