Alterrex Upgrade Solutions
Alterrex Upgrade Solutions

Redesigned for performance and reliability

Alterrex Upgrade Solutions

The GE Alterrex excitation system is comprised of three major components: synchronous generator, rectifier/diode bridges and Automatic Voltage Regulator. As the end of the useful life of the original components approaches, Alterrex systems can be modernized with a new EX2100e Alterrex voltage regulator, new water-cooled Alterrex rectifiers and filters and refurbishment or replacement of the Alterrex alternator.

Product Features

Improved Diagnostics

Improved diagnostics and monitoring of the new diode bridges as well as a host of other performance, diagnostic and reliability features.


Installation of Alterrex diode and a new EX2100e Alterrex digital voltage regulator provides improved reliability and eliminates parts risk.

Smart and Simple Design

Smart-simple diode design, featuring a single stainless and aluminum heat sink


Accessible components for easy repairs

Easy Installation

Minimal installation time required

Low Maintenance

Eliminates TIL-1027 diode maintenance requirements

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