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Generator Control Systems

BHGE has decades of experience developing our generators’ groundbreaking excitation systems. Each of our generator models offer dynamic performance, guarantee availability, verify synchronization, and reinforce the quick reactive power response of our machines.

Our customers appreciate BHGE’s seamless integration of advanced control and optimization solutions to boost communication speed and reliability, reduce both forced and unplanned outages, extend the maintenance cycle, and lower your operations costs.


EX2100e Digital Front-End (DFE) Control Upgrade

BHGE enables our customers with older excitation systems to upgrade to our EX2100e Digital Front-End (DFE), a controls-only retrofit that offers a fully digital platform at a fraction of the time and cost of a conventional excitation system upgrade. 

By retaining your existing power conversion bridges, this retrofit delivers a low-impact cost-effective option that will modernize the retrofitted controls while driving additional return on your controls investment.

EX2100e Generator Excitation Systems for Gas, Steam and Hydro Turbines

BHGE’s offers our customers an advanced platform for generator excitation systems. Our EX2100e excitation control builds on our EX2100 experience of more than 2,000 units of gas, steam, and hydro applications from customers for new units and upgrades. With over four decades of experience we have installed more than 7,000 generator excitation control systems for our customers in 70 countries. 

The EX2100e incorporates the superior technology now embedded in our Mark* VIe control platform, earning the EX2100e its reputation as a remarkably reliable and flexible solution.

Alterrex Upgrade Solutions

Our dynamic BHGE Alterrex excitation system comprises three major components to support our customers: the system’s synchronous generator, its rectifier/diode bridges, and its Automatic Voltage Regulator. 

Nearing the end of the original components’ useful life, customers will welcome the Alterrex upgrades, which can be modernized with a fresh EX2100e Alterrex voltage regulator, new water-cooled Alterrex rectifiers and filters, along with the option to refurbish or replace the Alterrex alternator.

Engineering Design Packages

Attempts to modernize existing operations with a retrofit can be complicated, expensive and ultimately inadequate. Implementing our BHGE Engineering Design Package can guarantee our customers a successful, on-time retrofit project that anticipates problems before they happen.

Our successful execution of hundreds of retrofits, both large and small, demonstrates our extensive experience and expertise in addressing and resolving the constraints of these types of projects. Our customers can be assured of our outstanding efforts to deliver first-class retrofits on excitation systems, protection systems, turbine controls and starting systems.

GP2100R Generator Protection & Control Panels (GPP)

Our GP2100R line of Generator Protection Panels (GPP) offers a flexible solution designed to protect turbine-generators from OEMs. Based on BHGE’s Multilin family of Universal Relays, the GP2100R line can be customized around other OEM relays to support an owner’s preferences.Our customers welcome GP2100R’s easy integration, robust capabilities and expert support.

The system can be configured for the specific protective, metering and control needs for each application, while its technology can be integrated with the EX2100e line of AVRs to create an advanced generator and control solution in one compact and cost-effective package. 

LS2100e Static Starter

At the heart of BHGE’s heavy-duty gas turbine starting system, our LS2100e Static Starter provides improved performance, protection, and flexible operational profiles in a stand-alone or a redundant cross-over configuration. 

The LS2100e presents our customers with the option to select either a full drive or a digital front-end retrofit to modernize aging static starters. A component of the Mark VIe Controls family, the LS2100e uses the same common controller and ControlST software suite as other Mark VIe-based controls to simplify our customers’ plant operations and maintenance.

Our users applaud the LS2100e’s high acceleration torque for excellent performance, its structured controls migration from the Innovation Series and LS2100 vintage starters, and eliminates external cross-over PLCs when installed with Mark Vie controls.

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