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OptiComp™ BN Compressor Control Suite
OptiComp™ BN Compressor Control Software
OptiComp™ BN Compressor Control Suite

Reliable indication of compressor surging

OptiComp™ BN Compressor Control Suite

OptiComp™ BN is an enhanced option to our existing OptiComp compressor control software suite. It combines OptiComp features with Bently Nevada* vibration monitoring for improved surge prevention and detection. OptiComp BN integrates axial and radial vibration characteristics into our advanced surge protection strategy.

Product Features

Key Benefits
  • Reliable indication of compressor surging, with the possibility to gauge the severity of a surge
  • Vibration frequency filtered to detect onset of rotating stall (incipient surge), which precedes full surge
  • Detection of varying conditions around or during a surge cycle, such as sudden and large changes in axial rotor displacement within a defined window, and vibration characteristics (i.e., radial vibration) and thermodynamic measurements (i.e., pressure, flow, temperature) to improve detection of compressor instability and identify “rotating stall" - a precursor to surge
Other Benefits
  • Provides an alarm when rotating stall characteristics are detected in the normal operating range, typically within 10% from the surge limit line as defined in the anti-surge control system
  • Responses to detection of characteristics in the normal operating range can be configured, based on user preference, to automatically take protective action
  • Counts surge cycles and analyzes data to determine results of the surge
  • Utilizes process measurements that are readily available in most compressor installations, with no additional instrumentation required

OptiComp™ BN Compressor Control Software

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