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OC 6000e Distributed Control System (DCS)
OC 6000e Distributed Control System (DCS)

Optimal Safety and Effectiveness

OC 6000e Distributed Control System (DCS)

In today’s competitive and highly regulated production environment, process industries demand integrated control and optimization solutions that can increase productivity, reliability, and quality while minimizing cost and improving safety. GE's OC 6000e Distributed Control System is designed to ensure operational safety and effectiveness by delivering efficiency improvement, productivity gains, unit reliability and availability enhancement, and overall cost reduction.

Product Features

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration of the advanced control and optimization solutions further improves unit efficiency, reduces forced and unplanned outages, extends the maintenance cycle, increases unit reliability and availability, and minimizes operation cost.

Reduced Impact of Component Loss

Distributed architecture reduces impact from loss of system components, and ensures production continuity

Efficient Operation

Component and network redundancy ensures the operation of critical system and control functions

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