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OC 4000 Distributed Control System (DCS)
OC 4000 Distributed Control System (DCS)

A Superior Integrated Platform

OC 4000 Distributed Control System (DCS)

For two decades, GE's OC 4000 distributed control systems have been delivering superior performance and reliability. It balances the security that comes from individual purpose-built controls with the convenience and data sharing capabilities that can only exist in a common, integrated platform. Today, these solutions can be found in more than 2,700 installations, controlling everything from complex plant control systems down to a single generator unit.

Product Features

Expanded Control

Expanded options for integrated control of your systems, from unit control to data management for ERP systems


Highly-flexible network connections and communications gateways, with central I/O options

Meets Complex Requirements

Meets the requirements of a variety of complicated technological processes for monitoring and control

Single Configuration

Advanced software with a single configuration and diagnostic tool, to improve programming and troubleshooting and decrease operator training and maintenance expenses

Reduced Downtime

Increased availability and reduced downtime through flexible redundancy

Alarm System

Common alarm system with sequence of events (SOE) capability for all digital input

Minimized Costs

Common hardware minimizes spare parts, training costs and time and expense associated with start up

Lower Engineering Costs

No engineered gateways, hardwired interfaces and duplication for lower engineering and installation costs

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