Mark VI to Mark VIe Migration
Mark VI to Mark VIe Migration

Enhancing operations from within

Mark VI to Mark VIe Migration

The Mark VI to VIe migration delivers significant performance enhancements and an improved control system lifecycle for our customers’ operations. GE migration solutions provide the latest proven technology of the Mark VIe enabling increased performance, flexibility and maintainability without impact to a site’s current control system footprint, field wiring, or turbine devices. Our expertise stems from more than 50 years in control and turbine design and results in an unmatched knowledge of your entire system. With a migration from GE, customer will experience a minimized outage timeline and support options throughout the life of their control system.

Product Features

Benefits of e-technology:

The Mark VIe provides performance, operability and reliability for today’s connected plant, with the benefit of:

  • Increased computational power – state-of-the-art Mark VIe processors provide access to sophisticated software enhancement modules to improve turbine performance, reliability, and operability.
  • Intuitive features – GE’s powerful ToolboxST™ software, with modern drag-and-drop type editors, industry leading trending capabilities with video type forward-reverse-freeze capability, and code-compare tools.
  • Increased operational productivity – user-friendly HMI graphics, alarm/event management, and trending which facilitates improved operator recognition and resolution of system faults.
  • Maintenance efficiency improvements – reduced engineering time due to a single integrated software tool for configuring networks, processors, and I/O boards, along with editing application software, managing block libraries, and displaying system diagnostics.
  • Latest GE software libraries – Leverages years of GE OEM experience to ensure safety-related software updates are delivered while also retaining the majority of the existing control system customization.
  • Improved reliability – TMR controller redundancy provides 2 out of 3 voting to improve reliability and eliminate single-point communication failures within the control.
  • I/O expandability – flexible and modular architecture allows for future growth of capabilities and applications.
  • Built with cyber security best practices – Achilles™ Communications Certification Level 1 Mark VIe Controllers feature hardened network switches and HMIs within a segmented network.
Options for completion to meet customer needs

Customers will have flexibility in choosing the approach for migration. Our three-step process is made to be customized based on budget and schedule with significant performance improvements as each phase is implemented. Customers can complete all three phases at once, a combination of the phases or one phase at a time.

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