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Mark V to Mark VIe Migration
Mark V to Mark VIe Migration

Migration Program to Upgrade Legacy Systems

Mark V to Mark VIe Migration

GE offers a Mark V to Mark VIe migration program to upgrade these legacy systems for turbines with minimum downtime. Mark VIe processors, power supplies, and communications are installed in the existing Mark V modules and connected to the existing I/O interface. Field terminations and turbine devices are retained to minimize installation time. Operator interfaces are replaced with modern HMIs, graphics packages, configuration and diagnostics tools, and Ethernet networks.

Product Features

Increased Power and Capacity

Increased compute power and I/O capacity for new features to improve turbine performance and reliability

High-speed Networks

Modern, high-speed networks at all levels with Ethernet client/server capability


Compatible with current programs for compliance with cyber-security standards, maintenance programs, and remote monitoring and diagnostics

Reduction in Communication Failures

Elimination of single-point communication failures within the control and options for cost-effective network redundancy between controls and HMIs

Operational Ease

Ease of operation with improved graphics, alarm/event management, trending, etc.

New I/O Types

Many new I/O types to choose from and distribute in any configuration

Efficient Maintenance

More efficient maintenance with one modern software tool for configuration of networks, processors, and I/O boards along with editors, block libraries, and diagnostics

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