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Generator Control Systems

BHGE is proud to provide controls you can trust from experts you can trust. For decades, Control Solutions has continually supplied controls and excitation modernizations for heavy duty and aeroderivative gas, industrial and large steam, and hydro powered turbine-generators. Today, many legacy systems are limited by the technology of their era and require an upgrade to deliver generator operability and availability improvements and support an evolving regulatory landscape.

The BHGE team are experts in excitation and static starter modernizations and the application of the EX2100e and LS2100e control platforms across virtually any application, from fully engineered and installed system replacements to "controls only" retrofits.


EX2100e Digital Front-End (DFE) Control Upgrade

BHGE enables our customers with older excitation systems to upgrade to our EX2100e Digital Front-End (DFE), a controls-only retrofit that offers a fully digital platform at a fraction of the time and cost of a conventional excitation system upgrade. 

By retaining your existing power conversion bridges, this retrofit delivers a low-impact cost-effective option that will modernize the retrofitted controls while driving additional return on your controls investment.

EX2100e Retrofits for Gas, Steam and Hydro Turbine Generator Excitation Systems

BHGE’s offers our customers advanced generator control and protection platforms with design, installation and commissioning services built on experience gained on over 2,000 gas, steam, and hydro turbine-generator excitation upgrades in more than 70 countries.

  • Hardware, software and integration engineering
  • Application expertise to support custom solutions
  • Engineering Design Packages (EDP) - Installation design and documentation
  • Single point system responsibility – PPT, cable, bus, networks, enclosures
  • Comprehensive PSS and IEEE Modeling documentation and validation services
  • Installation Services - Project management, installation and commissioning services
  • Nuclear grade retrofit packages and DCN support

The EX2100e product family offers a full line of digital excitation products that include automatic voltage regulators, static exciters and digital front-end products to serve almost any modernization need. 

Alterrex Upgrade Solutions

Introduced in the 1960s, the GE Alterrex excitation system was an industry standard for almost 30 years, operating on hundreds of fossil and nuclear driven large steam turbine-generators.  As owners extend the operating life of generating assets, the original Alterrex voltage regulators and fixed diode banks have reached the end of their useful life. 

BHGE provides a comprehensive set of control and mechanical modernization options for the original OEM components, or where a second retrofit cycle is needed. The EX2100e Alterrex Regulator replacement is a proven solution, providing precise control and protection of the main generator as well as the Alterrex alternator.  

BHGE offers a complete solution for the aging fixed Alterrex diode banks as well.  The original water-cooled diodes are difficult to maintain, with most of the fluid handling components obsolete and unavailable. The drop-in EX2100 Alterrex Diodes feature modern flat-pack diodes, machined billet aluminum heat sinks and all stainless-steel fluid path and fittings to create a virtually maintenance-free replacement option. The diode modernization includes new, door-mounted annunciation panels and 5-pole isolation switches and can be installed on-site or be refurbished in our facility, reusing the existing cabinets or with new-build replacements.

While the Alterrex utilizes the highly reliable stator water cooling (SWC) system to cool the fixed diodes, the system reliability can be further enhanced with the addition of the BHGE dual Alterrex SWC filter assembly.  The system is an instrumented, online maintainable design providing the same level of protection as a redundant main SWC filter when reliability is critical. 
Let the experts at BHGE help you ensure the performance of your Alterrex excitation system.

Engineering Design Packages

Successful control system retrofits require more than just great hardware. The BHGE team specializes in the integration of a new control into the existing plant infrastructure. We maintain a multi-discipline team of experience engineers and designers to support any controls retrofit application.  The design team partners with BHGE application, system and services engineers to provide a comprehensive project approach.

Our Engineering Design Package (EDP) is a scalable package of drawings and documentation tailored to meet the planning and execution requirements of critical retrofits with less risk and lower total installed cost.   
Depending on the complexity of a project, the EDP scope may include:

  • Wiring transition tables
  • General arrangement and equipment layout options
  • Demolition drawings
  • Electrical and system designs that include routing, material lists, and detailed installation drawings
  • Civil and mechanical designs for verification and/or modification of plant structure, and installation of new equipment
  • Updates of existing plant drawings for new equipment
  • Subcontractor specifications for materials and development of work packages

Whether a simple wire transition package for one of the structured Control Migration products or a custom nuclear retrofit package, the EDP can provide significant project benefits.

  • Lower total installation cost from efficient work based on clear instructions and drawings
  • Sub-contractor scope development
  • Improved purchased materials specifications
  • Pre-outage design review process
  • Reduced outage duration and risk from optimized work and resource planning
  • Improved safety by joint BHGE and customer reviews to ensure adherence to site procedures and accepted safe work standards
  • Improved long-term system maintenance and troubleshooting support from a quality documentation package
GP2100R Generator Protection & Control Panels (GPP)

Our GP2100R Generator Protection Panel (GPP) offers a flexible retrofit solution designed to protect critical turbine-generator assets. Base packages incorporate the Multilin family of digital protection relays, but the GP2100R line can be customized around a variety of OEM relays to support an owner’s standards and preferences. The system can be configured for the specific protective, metering and control needs for each application, while its technology can be integrated with the EX2100e line of AVRs to create an advanced generator and control solution in one compact and cost-effective package. 

Static Starter Modernization with the LS2100e

Reliable starting is a key element in profitable operation of heavy-duty GE gas turbines. The LS2100e Static Starter is the third generation of load commutated inverter (LCI) drives applied in static starting applications.  The LS2100e control platform provides improved performance, protection, and flexible operational profiles in a stand-alone or a redundant cross-over configuration.

The Control Solution team can provide a variety of system retrofits and upgrades to improve the starting reliability of existing Innovation Series Control or LS2100 static starters.  The LS2100e is available as either a full drive or a Controls Migration (digital front end) to modernize aging static starters.  Upgraded LS2100e controls offer a host of new operability and performance feature and can support enhanced starting profiles and improved plant performance.

Systems relying on a single static starter can be redesigned to include a second starter to provide a fully redundant starting system for single or multiple gas turbines.  BHGE can provide a total scope LCI cross-over system including medium and low voltage system design, safety interlocking, network design, software development, Engineering Design Package as well as installation and commissioning support.

The LS2100e is part of the Mark VIe family of unit and generator controls.  When installed with the VIe technology, the system provides an integrated software environment, with common programming and engineering tools, consolidated HMI, alarm management and historian, start sequencing (without the need for an external PLC cross-over control), all on the same control platform and product life-cycle.  Updated LS2100e controls also provide many owners access to the latest gas turbine starting enhancement developed for new unit applications, generally not available in other platforms.

Let the BHGE team show you how you can upgrade your aging static starter controls via a structured LS2100e controls migrations of existing starters or how you can improve reliability of the plant with the addition of a new LS2100e.

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