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Bently Nevada Machinery Monitoring Systems

Bently Nevada offers a truly plant-wide solution to all of your critical machinery monitoring needs.

global monitoring systems

Whether you need machinery protection in the form of a world-class ESD device like our Adapt Overspeed, or you need the peace of mind that thousands of plants already enjoy by way of our 3500 System, to portable applications where you need a full suite of diagnostic capabilities in the palm of your hand – our range of machinery protection solutions offers asset protection for virtually any industrial machinery application.

Our history in the asset protection field speaks for itself. With over 50 years of experience, a truly global support team, over 4 million sensors installed worldwide, and countless millions of dollars saved in lost revenue, costly machinery trips, and expensive repairs, you can trust Bently Nevada to keep your most critical machinery healthy, running, and accurately diagnosed.

Of course, all that data needs to be sorted and presented in real-time, with real value. Our flagship software solution, System 1* takes all of your machinery monitoring data and serves it up in a fully-customizable format, via an intuitive and easy to learn interface that helps you to make informed, actionable decisions – turning unplanned and costly outages into manageable, predictive maintenance.

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