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Equip Your Plant with State-of-the-Art Controls Technology


BHGE is keenly aware of your need for increased safety, reliability, compliance and obsolescence management. Our solutions combined with 30+ years’ experience allow you to equip your plant with state-of-the-art controls technology. We make it a priority to deliver timely execution, intuitive solutions and long-term peace-of-mind.

We upgrade services for both turnkey and non-turnkey projects based on Mark VIe, Nexus, and Woodward control technologies. We handle every step for lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) projects, from site assessment through execution and final handoff of unit-to-plant operations.

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Project Management

Site Project Managers act as a single point of contact for every aspect of a control upgrade outage, ensuring that your outage progresses as planned. This helps manage craft labor, technical advisors, field engineers, training, schedule and documentation through unit startup.

Benefits include:

  • Dedicated site project manager
  • Electrical labor supervision
  • Site personnel qualification
  • Project site coordination
  • Schedule management
  • Documentation package
Third-Party System Integration

Our certified field engineers deploy for design, testing, functional checks and communications with third party devices to monitor these site components via the Control Room:

  • Balance of plant on DCS
  • Gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, and hydro
  • Generator protection & excitation systems
  • Turbine static starters
Design and Installation Services

Installation and startup of a new control & software project can challenge our customers without the support of trained professionals.  Our Field Services will partner with you through the entire process to achieve safe, high-quality installation, commissioning, acceptance testing and start-up of your critical assets.

HMI Upgrades

Our Human Machine Interface (HMI) boosts efficiency, a productive control system and unit performance. HMIs offer a window into your operations, with intelligence operators and maintenance technicians ready to maintain and improve your plant assets’ productivity.

We offer a variety of HMI hardware options to meet your specific needs, such as traditional commercial towers, rack mounted servers (2u), industrial servers (4u), and HMIs directly mounted onto the control systems’ panel.

Benefits include:

  • Upgrade to the newer Windows Operating System (OS) to reduce costs associated with maintaining older, unsupported operating systems
  • Improve security posture by enabling aCyber Asset Protection (CAP) subscription service
Controller Card Modification Kits

Our modification kits address concerns related to compliance or obsolescence, which accommodates the ever-changing technology of control systems. We offer packaged modkits to seamlessly upgrade your system with the latest controller cards. In addition to the latest controller hardware, modkits include software upgrades that trigger the application/configuration files and site services to implement the upgrade.

Benefits include:

  • Gateway to more capabilities – the latest cards are compatible with options such as Dry Low NOx (DLN)
  • Better performing cards – increased processor speed and RAM
  • Spares are widely available for the newest cards meaning shorter outages
Edge-to-Edge Warranty Support

All upgrade projects carry our edge-to-edge warranty period. 

Benefits include:

  • Unit hand-off to customer initiates contract process
  • 12-month warranty for all products, parts, and services
  • 90-day software warranty
  • 24-7 phone support included during warranty period
Comprehensive Support Package

We can bundle your future upgrades and desired services into a single package with a predictable and level payment structure. These plans are fully customized to meet your unique needs and can be catered to your specific capital vs operational expenditure targets. Our comprehensive package ensures that your current system is properly supported until it is convenient for you to upgrade. 

Benefits include:

  • Payments annually structured to align to your budget cycle
  • Ensure your current system will be supported until you can upgrade
  • Current controls assessment
  • Engineered control system upgrade
  • Dedicated site project manager
  • Removal of obsolete products
  • Installation and commissioning

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