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On-demand inspection, training and consulting services

At our global Customer Solutions Centers (CSC), we provide you on-demand use of our proven, state-of-the-art, non-destructive X-ray 2D and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) scanning inspection technologies and access to our staff of experienced experts. You can access the most reliable industrial CT scanning and industrial radiography services for plastics, composites, castings, additively manufactured parts, ceramics, electronics, batteries and more. Our CSCs help customer ensure the safety, quality, integrity and consistency of parts and products while catalyzing production improvements and accelerating research and development processes and innovations. 

Our Offerings: X-ray 2D and CT for any application

Inspection services include

Inspection scanning services by the hour, scan or project:
→ X-ray 2D inspection services
→ 3D industrial CT scanning services and analytics
→ CT-based 3D metrology

Experienced specialists and problem solving support
→ Expert consulting on CT applications
→ CT operator training
→ Novice to expert level CT operator training

Customer challenges we help solve

No in-house CT system ?
→ Use our inspection scanning services

Improper in-house CT system for sample size or other criteria ?
→ Use our inspection scanning services

Constrained inspection capacity and/or urgent spikes in volume ?
→ Use our inspection scanning services

​​​​​Difficult or unique inspection challenges ?
→ Let our experts help you
Multi-national operations that require inspection at additional / remote locations ?
→ Our global network has you covered

How you will benefit

Advance your inspection knowledge on multiple levels with our certified CT instructors. Our training spans advanced techniques for image quality and protocol improvement for high productivity and output gains to radiography and CT fundamentals and basic system operation.

Turn your skilled operators into experts quickly with dedicated CT scanning training modules for R&D, Manufacturing, Engineering and Production. Get the most from your non-destructive testing (NDT). Our experts customize training whether you are implementing your first phoenix|x-ray systems, enhancing your existing system or solving a challenging inspection task.

Via collaboration with our experienced staff, design tailored radiography solutions and workflows for your unique applications, demands and operational parameters.


Our global capabilities

→ X-ray 2D and 3D CT inspection services & analytics
→ CT-based metrology
→ Expert consulting on CT applications built upon 20 years of phoenix|x-ray heritage
→ Training for novice and experienced CT operators

Our extensive CSC network

Dongguan City, China
+86 (21) 38771441

Shanghai, China
+86 (21) 38771441

Pangyo, Korea (coming soon)

+81 (3) 6890 4567

Pune, India
T +91 (44) 49681421

Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA (coming soon)

Cincinnati, USA
Tel: +1 513 996-7505

Pasadena, Texas, USA
Tel: 1 (281) 542 3600 
Toll Free: 1 (855) 232 7470 

Campinas, Brazil
Phone: +55  19 2104 6900
Mobile: +55 (21) 99943-0212 

Ahrensburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 4102-807 0 

Wunstorf, Germany 
Tel.: +49 5031 172-100 

Stuttgart, Germany
Tel.: +49 711 887961 22

Munich, Germany
Tel.: +49 89 45672656

Limonest, France
T +33 (0)4 7217 92 25

Ratby, UK
M +44 (0)77 6890 5901

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