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About Reuter-Stokes


With a rich history dating back to 1956, BHGE’s Reuter Stokes line based in Twinsburg, OH, has become an industry leader in the research, design and manufacturing of quality detectors for a variety of radiation monitoring applications.

With over 100,000 detectors in service around the world supporting instrumentation ranging from reactor monitoring and security applications to neutron research and oil exploration, no company understands your radiation measurement requirements better than Reuter Stokes.

BHGE's Reuter Stokes business designs and manufactures reliable measuring devices for precise radiation measurement, boiling water reactor monitoring, gas turbine flame detection, and oil drilling measurements including wireline devices. The company has more than 50 years of expertise designing, manufacturing and installing multiple gamma and neutron detection technologies. The Reuter Stokes product line of radiation detectors have applications in neutron scattering research, Homeland Security and safety monitoring in any setting that involves the use of nuclear materials.

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