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Nuclear Reactor Instrumentation

Experienced and reliable nuclear instrumentation

Pressurized and Boiling Water Reactor Instrumentation

Reuter-Stokes leads in providing nuclear instrumentation for Boiling Water Reactors (BWR), delivering highly reliable detectors, sensors and equipment to the nuclear industry. Reliability ensures no unplanned shutdowns, supports timely startups, resolves problems and aligns timely delivery with outage schedules and goals.  Most importantly, an innovative design reduces dosages to personnel during replacement. Reuter-Stokes now brings each of these features to Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR).

For decades Reuter-Stokes has developed solutions for the nuclear industry, focused on maximizing life cycle equipment while minimizing the potential exposure of personnel to radiation. Reuter-Stokes achieves this goal by simplifying installation, removing probes and reducing the time under vessel.

A leading supplier of source and intermediate range detectors for plant startup, Reuter-Stokes offers hardware that reduces time spent swapping probes. As well, wide-range neutron detectors simplify operation by eliminating the need for two separate probes, boosting one probe to 10% power.

Please review these product features and assess your nuclear instrumentation and control needs to learn what supplemental solutions we can provide—or design—to suit your needs.

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