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Our Machinery Simulators provide essential training to users

​Machinery Simulators

“What physics describe and predict the behavior of machinery at turbo speeds?” It turns out that the same physics governing a 1,000MW steam turbine generator or a 20,000 RPM turbo compressor still apply to even a desktop simulator.

This is the concept behind the Bently Nevada RK-4 Rotor kit and the RCK-1 Reciprocating Compressor kit. Often used for research or theses purposes, these highly-regarded Machinery Simulators are used for training simulations for operators, engineers, reliability specialists and scientists who use our Machinery Protection and Condition Monitoring systems and/or wish to understand and demonstrate rotor dynamic behavior.

Decades ago we developed our first machine simulator, the RK-4 Rotor Kit, followed by the RCK-1 Reciprocating Compressor Kit. These simulators are so effective that several prominent engineering colleges use them to teach the fundamentals of machinery to mechanical engineering students.

Customers trained with our simulations show a substantially improved understanding of machinery behavior and can more effectively apply our systems’ information to monitor and manage their machines. Having seen a fault on the RK-4 Rotor kit, one can more easily identify the same fault on the real machine.

Product Features

RK-4 Rotor Kit

This benchtop model exhibits large turbomachine behavior during steady-state and transient conditions. The RK-4 can be used to re-create dozens of machine conditions and faults such as startup, shutdown, rub, unbalance, misalignment, among others. Using the provided mass wheel, students can learn to properly balance a rotor before attempting to balance on a real machine.

RCK-1 Reciprocating Compressor Kit

The RCK-1 kit offers a single-cylinder, dual-acting, single-stage compressor that demonstrates valve and piston ring leaks and mechanical drivetrain wear. Reciprocating compressor malfunctions can be compared to a malfunction legend for common faults so they can be instantly spotted on a real machine.

Integrate with System 1

The RK-4 and RCK-1 can be integrated with our transducers and System 1* software to produce a myriad of diagnostic plots including timebase, orbit, bode, spectrum, waterfall and others. The RCK-1 can produce rod position plots and the extremely valuable P-V plots for reciprocating compressors


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