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Machine Testing and Calibration solutions ensure the health of your assets.

​Test Equipment & Calibration Services

Our transducers support machinery protection and condition monitoring systems to trip monitored machines, and also provide condition monitoring information to use in a proactive maintenance program or machinery diagnostics.

Our test kits and factory calibration services to ensure that your transducer systems are operating properly so they can provide automatic protective trips and increase uptime and production while reducing unplanned outages and associated repair costs.

Service Features

Provides a range of solutions

Testing and calibration tools include portable calibrators, field communicators, pressure controllers, pressure indicators, air data test sets and calibration software.

Test kits

Four kits allow you to verify calibration and proper operations of proximity and seismic (acceleration and velocity) transducers:

  • TK-3 Proximity System Test Kit: Verifies scale factor, frequency and amplitude response
  • 3300 XL Precision Micrometer: High-resolution determines scale factor
  • 3300 XL Shaft Micrometer: V-block on-shaft verifies scale factor
  • Modal Shop Portable Shaker Table: Ideal for seismic sensors


Available services

Factory calibration services available for selected products through our Metrology Department. These services certify that a product meets published specifications.

Ships with certifications

Services provided at the time of ordering ensure that a product ships with applicable metrology certifications. Services also provide recertification for purchased products in the field.

Certified documentation

Tested products are provided with a metrology certification document, all applicable test data, and traceability information.


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