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System 1 Condition Monitoring Platform

Monitor your entire plant with one program

system 1 condition monitoring

Since its launch in 2001, Bently Nevada’s flagship software platform System 1 has won accolades from process-intensive industries around the globe.

Its simple and intuitive interface enables your team to create, manage and fully leverage your plant-wide machinery condition monitoring programs. Our software engineers continuously upgrade System 1’s capabilities, which include: greater predictive maintenance, extended equipment lifecycle, enhanced cyber security, wider diagnostic expectations, and a comfortable and easy to navigate user experience for both engineers and IT professionals.

System 1 upgrades adhere to a bi-annual release rhythm that updates user-driven improvements, expands connectivity and reinforces compliance with the most recently updated operating systems and security patches.

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Plant-wide Monitoring
So you stay focused on what matters
Saved in lost production and unplanned outages
Bently Nevada RulePaks allow you leverage custom scripts for your specific application
Real-Time Alerts
You can configure System 1 to alert key personnel via SMS or email
Remote Access
Save labor and travel expenses with remote access via System 1
Shorter Downtime
Faster analysis and remote monitoring mean more production



Collect data from machinery with seamless connectivity to a comprehensive list of online, scanning and portable condition monitoring devices and sensors. Integrates with other systems and devices with standard industrial software connectors and exporters.

Data Acquisition and Historian

Analyze machinery data in real-time and store at sub-second resolution with embedded high-speed historian. Precisely control data collection and storage rates for time-series and waveform data based on machinery operating state, alarm condition, and connected device(s).


Implement flexible system architectures to enable broad access to machinery and process data while adhering to current stringent cybersecurity best-practices. Transfer data from process network to business network or hosted solution through uni-directional gateways (diodes) or traditional firewalls.

Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Patching Service – monthly operating system patches and anti-virus/intrusion detection signatures for System 1 servers.

Condition Monitoring

Drive a proactive machinery monitoring strategy by detecting changes in condition before operational surprises with a library of software calculated analytics, state-based alarming, and flexible notification templates. Curate program with alarm management, diagnostic reporting, and case history tracking for each machine.

Vibration Diagnostics

Perform detailed real-time and historical vibration based diagnostics with a comprehensive set of plot visualizations and analysis tools specifically designed to enable fault identification and facilitate corrective action decision-making.

Thermodynamic Performance Monitoring

Monitor turbines, pumps, and compressors with an online thermodynamic analytics module that calculates a broad set of actual and expected performance parameters. Calculations are derived using first principle thermodynamic equations and can be trended over time and plotted against their respective performance maps.

Decision Support Studio

Enhance condition monitoring program by writing analytics based on data collected and stored within System 1 database. Leverages domain knowledge and machinery experience.

Turbomachinery Monitoring

Combines mechanical and process data, vibration diagnostics and monitoring for faults that can manifest in components such as rotors, bearings, lube oil and sealing systems.

Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring

Combines mechanical and process data, vibration diagnostics and monitoring for faults that can manifest in components such as crankshaft, cross heads, cylinders, valves and rider bands.

General Machinery Monitoring

Combines mechanical and process, vibration diagnostics and monitoring for faults that can manifest in components such as electrical, rotors, bearing, seals and general processes.

Diagnostic HMI

Enhances machinery monitoring capability with additional diagnostic HMI screens for machine overview and sub systems, first outs and start permissive.

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