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You’re focused on achieving production commitments while reducing your company’s operating and maintenance expenses. We stand beside you to achieve these goals and help you target your objectives. We’ll ensure your system is properly maintained and operating at its fullest potential.

Our Remote Monitoring Services offer customized service agreements, Machinery Diagnostics experts, cyber security, design, installation, management, and support services.

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Real-Time Diagnosis
Turn Unplanned Outages into Planned, Manageable Ones
Remote Data Analytics Versus Visual Inspection Eliminates wasted Downtime and negated a $1MM Machine Trip
Avoid Costly Misdiagnosis
With an SSA From Bently Nevada, You Can Count on Accurate Machine Diagnoses That Get It Right the First Time.
Total number of years of experience our MDS professionals bring to your organization.

A Bently Nevada SSA Contributes to Lower Downtime

A Bently Nevada SSA Contributes to Lower Downtime

GE’s Bently Nevada has a Supporting Services Agreement (SSA) with a major Oil & Gas customer in the Middle East. The agreement includes monthly visits for multiple plants, focusing on machinery diagnostics, maintenance of the customer’s installed base, optimization of System 1*, and on-call emergency support.

  • Improved machinery reliability and availability - by enabling proactive, condition based maintenance practices.
  • Reliable and accurate data – System 1 provides detailed data to analyze and resolve vibration issues.
  • Rapid diagnosis of problems and ability to isolate root cause – substantially reduces frequency and duration of unplanned downtime.
GE Helps Customer Avoid $1 Million Machine Trip

Through the terms of a GE Supporting Services Agreement (SSA), GE’s Bently Nevada team recently helped an offshore customer in the United Kingdom avoid costly downtime due to a vibration problem in a compressor rotor.

  • Reduced costs. The combination of System 1 software and an SSA helped the customer avoid a machine trip on a critical asset, saving an estimated $1 million.
  • Improved reliability and availability. The deployment of System 1 for all online diagnostics
  • resulted in early detection of the problem, improving both reliability and availability of critical plant equipment.
  • Avoided downtime. The early diagnosis by System 1 prevented costly downtime.
Remote support results in quick diagnosis

GE’s Bently Nevada line has a Supporting Services Agreement (SSA) with a petrochemical plant in the Middle East. The agreement includes remote support through the Bently Nevada Remote Monitoring Center (RMC) to System 1* Software on the plant’s most critical machinery for periodic machinery health monitoring and emergency support.

  • Avoided costly downtime with a quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem, allowing the compressor to be up and running within 24 hours.
  • Dramatically reduced labor and travel costs resulting from the centralized remote monitoring and diagnosis of the compressor.
  • Avoided unnecessary maintenance costs by accurately diagnosing the problem and preventing the customer from further exploration.
SSA Saves a Machine Trip - Saves $1MM per Day!

The SSA Site Lead quickly determined that both the TDI and Keyphasor* modules were causing the rack to behave abnormally. The TDI was immediately replaced and the Keyphasor was completely removed from the rack as the rack was only assigned to monitor temperature and not vibration. The SSA Site Lead fixed the issue in 10 minutes and then gave the customer clearance to start up the machine.

  • The customer’s SSA resulted in prompt support.
  • Reduced delays in starting up their critical machine, which would have resulted in a loss of $1 million of revenue per day.
  • Increased uptime and decreased downtime.

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