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Our proximity sensors monitor conditions to protect machinery

Proximity Sensors

Customers who rely on mission-critical machinery choose our proximity sensors to monitor conditions and protect equipment.

More than 50 years ago Don Bently launched his first industrial product: the eddy current proximity sensor. The decades since that achievement have seen the quality and diversity of our proximity sensors evolve to include transducers that monitor acceleration, velocity and pressure.

Today’s high-performance eddy current Proximity Sensors deliver continuous condition monitoring information and trip monitored machines when needed to support a proactive maintenance program and machinery diagnostics.

Our Proximity Sensors are ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration within the clearances of its fluid film bearings and deliver superior performance in harsh environments.

Our current portfolio of Proximity Sensors offers a range of options. We invite you to scroll down for more on our latest Solutions.

Product Features

Reduces overall rates

Lowers the cost of insurance, maintenance and unscheduled repairs.

Increases revenue

Boosts both uptime and product quality.

Minimizes unplanned outages

Monitors machinery status to limit downtime.


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