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​200132 Trendmaster* Pressure Sensor
​200132 Trendmaster* Pressure Sensor

Solid-State Pressure Transducer

​200132 Trendmaster* Pressure Sensor

The Bently Nevada* Trendmaster* Pro system links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points onto a single-cable sensor network and transfers the data into our System 1* software.

Appropriate sensors allow the system to monitor vibration, temperature, seal leaks, pressure, and other parameters. The 200132 Pressure Transducer is compatible with the Trendmaster Pro system, and performs general purpose pressure trending for a variety of pressure ranges.

Product Features

​Pressure Ranges

The 200132 pressure transducer supports nine pressure ranges in increments from 0 to 30 PSIG up to 0 to 2000 PSIG to meet your specific monitoring requirements.

Dual Pressure flexTIM* System

Interfaces two individual pressure transducers to the Trendmaster* 2000 System. 

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