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Our hydro sensors help to avoid unplanned outages

Hydro Sensors

Our superbly-designed Hydro Sensors track the condition of your hydroelectric generator and turbine to help you avoid unplanned outages.

Our series of eddy current proximity transducers launched over 50 years ago with a line of sensors that evolved to include dynamic pressure, generator air gap and isolated stator end winding.

Since those early years of machinery protection and condition monitoring experience our Hydro Sensors continue the tradition of expanding capabilities as our technologies evolve.

In addition to eddy current proximity transducers that gauge a hydro turbine generator’s radial vibration and thrust measurements, this product line also offers specialized sensors to provide additional monitoring capability for unique machines.

Product Features

Displays dynamic measurements

Dynamic Pressure Sensor displays dynamic measurements for hydro turbine or pump monitoring.

Monitors continuously

Air Gap Sensor provides monitoring and diagnostic capability for new and existing hydro generators and motor/generators.

Delivers cost-effective results

Stator End Winding Accelerometer offers cost-effective method for monitoring stator end winding vibration from electromagnetic, mechanical and gravitational forces.

Our current Hydro Sensors portfolio offers a range of options. We invite you to scroll down for more on our latest Solutions.


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Hydro Sensors

Based on decades of machinery protection and condition monitoring experience, our hydro sensors continue the tradition, with ever-expanding capabilities as the technology evolves.

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