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​Portable Monitoring Systems

Enhances machinery monitoring capability with additional diagnostic HMI screens for machine overview and sub systems, first outs and start permissive.

Our portable data collectors support the walk-around component of today’s condition monitoring and are integral to our proactive Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) program.

Condition monitoring inspections have progressed from manual paper-and-clipboard entries to keying data into portable hand-held digital devices, while hand-held analyzers measure vibrations that are captured and evaluated by powerful software and sent through verified collection routes.

Hand-held inspection devices enable the CBM program to increase uptime and production while reducing unplanned outages and associated repair costs. 

Our current portfolio of portable data collectors offers a range of options from System 1 connectivity, multiple channels and standard devices to controls and screen display.

Our portfolio of Portable Data Collectors offers a range of options. We invite you to scroll down for more on our Solutions.


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