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Our ADAPT System Provides Automatic Protection Value

ADAPT Condition Monitoring & Protection System

Our ADAPT* (Advanced Distributed Architecture Technology) system has evolved with your plant assets. The product family features a rugged, smaller footprint so it’s easier to mount, has less wiring, and can be easily configured to accommodate the machines that run your business.

Product Features

Maximize revenue, minimize costs

World-leading machinery protection that meets the most demanding on-skid applications, complies with industry standards, provides protection in hazardous areas, and offers rack-free installation make ADAPT the most cost-effective Bently Nevada solution for OEMs and plant personnel alike.

Mandated protection systems save $$$

Proper machinery protection can reduce insurance rates and avoid maintenance and repair costs from damage to unprotected machines.

“Is it safe to restart my gas turbine?”

This is the most critical question following an unplanned shutdown. A start attempt may succeed but a failed attempt could destroy the machine, which would have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. ADAPT* provides the data you need to make the right choice.

Offers up to 12+ channels

Designed for use on a broad range of machines that can offer up to 12 measurement channels when advanced signal processing is required. Additional ADAPT bases can connect to allow 6-12 channels for each additional base.

Our current portfolio for the ADAPT* Condition Monitoring & Protection System offers a range of options. We invite you to scroll down for more on our latest Solutions.

The ADAPT 3701/40 Machinery Dynamics Monitor

Machinery Dynamics Monitor is designed for motors, compressors, mechanical drive steam turbines, turboexpanders, pumps and many other machines.  Its intensive signal processing is optimized for complex machinery such as gearboxes, planetary gearboxes and rolling element-bearing machines. It provides advanced measurement capabilities for monitoring all turbomachinery parameters including radial vibration and thrust position for machines with rolling element bearings and fluid-film bearings.

The ADAPT 3701/44 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Monitor

Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Monitor is used on aeroderivative gas turbines and associated-driven equipment. It is optimized for advanced signal processing of accelerometers and dynamic pressure sensors required on machines produced by all major OEMs.

The ADAPT 3701/46 Hydro Monitor

Hydro Monitor is designed for protection and condition monitoring of Hydro Turbines. It is optimized for lower machine speeds and has specialized measurements required for monitoring hydro turbines.

The ADAPT 3701/55 Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD)

A compact, triple-redundant, safety shutdown and overspeed detection (OSD) device used with rotating machinery such as steam, gas, and hydro turbines, expanders and other process equipment. It provides a 2ms logic execution time and an industry-leading wire-to-wire relay toggle time of 10ms, giving the system designer additional milliseconds, which are crucial to bringing the machine to a safe condition.


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ADAPT* Condition Monitoring & Protection System

Based on decades of machinery protection experience, our ADAPT* condition monitoring and protection system continue the tradition, with ever-expanding capabilities as the technology evolves.

Introducing ADAPT for Aeroderivatives
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