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TACH100 Digital Tachometer
TACH100 Digital Tachometer
TACH100 Digital Tachometer

Digital Machine Tachometer

Standalone Digital Tachometer

The TACH100 Digital Tachometer can serve as a stand-alone speed indicator or in conjunction with any permanently installed monitoring system as a remote speed indicator.

Product Features

Delivers Smart Design

The compact unit contains its own power supply and can power a Proximitor* Sensor (-24 Vdc). Convenient when a permanent monitoring system is located at a distance or proximity to the machine is needed to indicate speed. 

Trusted Machine Conditions on the Machine Deck

The Digital Tachometer provides local display indicating machine speed on the machine deck.  When often double-hearing protection is required, the Digital Tachometer provides a visual indication when it counts.

Connects with Probe Input

Wires can connect in parallel with Keyphasor Proximity Probe input on the monitor rack or directly to the Keyphasor Proximity Probe.

Offers External Options

Accepts signal and common wires from externally-powered Keyphasor* Proximity Probe. Available when permanent monitoring system is installed.

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