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Industries that depend on essential equipment choose our online machinery protection systems

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A Heritage of Excellence

Bently Nevada proximity transducers and monitors have protected highly critical machinery at petrochemical and power generation facilities for over 5 decades. 

The long-standing tradition of excellence in asset protection and years of expertise served to expand the capabilities of our rack-based 3500 solution, the ADAPT* distributed platform, and the 1900 and 2300 monitoring and protection systems. All of these solutions integrate directly to provide continuous condition monitoring from the sophisticated and intuitive System 1 software.

Wide Ranging Benefits

Whether generating power, compression and pumping fluids, or driving process equipment, customers rely on critical assets every hour of every day.

In this demanding environment, machinery failure is not simply inconvenient - it can be catastrophic. While repair costs alone can be staggering, the partial or total loss of production resulting from a failure can mean millions of dollars per day, and change the overall profit and loss for a customer's entire year. 

Reliability and condition monitoring is more than just a good idea -- it is a necessity. Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as vibration, temperature, speed, and other relevant indicators is proven to anticipate and prevent mechanical failures.  This method has been proven in tens of thousands of industrial facilities worldwide, and Bently Nevada delivers these tangible benefits:

  • Intelligent, actionable insights for predictive maintenance via System 1 software
  • Less process interruptions
  • Improved protection from catastrophic failures
  • Cost savings in maintenance and repairs
  • Cost savings through reduced insurance premiums
  • Longer intervals between outages

Partnering for Customer Success

Recent case studies demonstrate the integrity and reliability of System 1 and the 3500 Series. One power generation facility saved $1 million, another petroleum refinery saving $5 million, a coal-fired plant with rotor degradation avoiding 250 days of downtime, and an aeroderivative gas turbine saved from improper water washing and subsequent rotor imbalance.


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