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Industries that depend on essential equipment choose our online machinery protection systems

​Online Machinery Protection

The industrial use of our proximity transducers and monitors protected highly critical machinery at petrochemical and power generation facilities as early as the 1950’s.

Decades of our machinery protection experience and expertise expanded the capabilities of our rack-based 3500, ADAPT* distributed platform, 1900 and 2300 monitoring and protection systems, which also now provide continuous condition monitoring from our System 1* software.

Recent successes demonstrate the integrity and reliability of System 1 and the 3500 Series, with a power generation facility saving $1 million, a petroleum refinery saving $5 million, a coal-fired plant with rotor degradation avoiding 250 days of downtime, and an aeroderivative gas turbine saved from improper water washing and subsequent rotor imbalance.

Product Features

Maximizes revenue, minimizes cost

Improves uptime and product quality, reduces unplanned outages and limits unscheduled repairs.

Supports all machinery types

Plant personnel need to learn only one system. Provides consistent condition monitoring to sensors, signals, scanning and alert systems as well as access to protection for System 1 for critical, essential and plant-wide assets.

Mandated protection systems save $$$

Reduces insurance rates and avoids maintenance and repair costs from damage to unprotected machines. Increases the safety and reliability of your operations with Intrinsically Safe SIL-rated equipment.


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