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Industries that depend on critical machine assets choose our online machinery protection systems

Whether generating power, compression and pumping fluids, or driving process equipment, Bently Nevada machinery protection systems monitor all your important machine assets every hour of every day.

In this demanding environment, machinery failure is not simply inconvenient - it can be financially catastrophic. While repair costs alone can be staggering, the partial or total loss of production resulting from failure can mean millions of dollars per day and change the overall profit and loss for a customer's entire year.

Reliability and condition monitoring are more than just good ideas -- they are necessities. Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as vibration, temperature, speed, and other relevant indicators is proven to anticipate and prevent mechanical failures. Safeguard your important machine assets and prevent catastrophic failures with Bently Nevada's comprehensive machine protection systems.


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Less Unplanned Downtime, Longer Intervals Between Outages 

One of the many benefits of a Machinery Protection and Condition Monitoring System is that you can plan your maintenance outages – versus mitigating unplanned ones. This results in less downtime, longer intervals between outages, and an overall reduction in production loss.

Lowered Costs, Increased Profits 

Machinery condition monitoring and protection systems can save you money by lowering maintenance and repair costs and reducing. insurance premiums.

Extends Machine Life

The value of a Bently Nevada machinery protection systems has been demonstrated thousands of times in thousands of industrial facilities worldwide – when mission-critical machinery needs to be protected from a catastrophic failure, Bently Nevada is the proven leader.

Bently Nevada Machinery Protection Systems

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$1MM Saved
A Power Generation Facility that used the 3500 Series Overspeed Detector
250 Days
The amount of downtime saved at a coal-fired plant with rotor degradation
Saved by a petroleum refinery thanks to the 3500 Series and System 1
Equipment Saved
Aeroderivative gas turbine was saved from improper water washing and subsequent rotor imbalance
Our System 1 combined with the 3500 provide actionable insights for predictive maintenance

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