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Bently Nevada wind solutions

Condition monitoring systems protect wind turbines globally

Bently Nevada online condition monitoring hardware, software and sensors provide 24/7 real-time monitoring of the health of your Wind turbines. More than 300 component-specific analytics provide continuous detection of bearing, gearing, shaft, tower and foundation issues. Our wind farm servers provide a convenient location for wind farm configuration and vibration analysis. They also host a local historian so you can store your data and alarms on your farm, helping you keep your data securely within your control.

Bently Nevada condition monitoring solutions for Wind:

  • Vibration monitoring hardware and sensors
  • Wind turbine CMS retrofit kits, pre-installed in enclosures
  • ADAPT.Wind vibration analysis software
  • Remote monitoring services
  • End of warranty health assessments - data review
  • Condition monitoring system training
  • Condition monitoring system (CMS) installation & commissioning consultation

Key features of Bently Nevada Wind solutions include:

  • 300 component-specific measurements that adjust in real-time to the changing speed of the Wind turbine
  • Real-time alarm generation from the up-tower hardware, with three weeks of local data and alarm storage*
  • Minimum of two years of farm-level data storage with local and unrestricted access to your data**
  • Historian architecture makes it easy to pass your CMS data to other data systems on your farm or enterprise networks
  • GL certified CMS
  • CMS solutions to meet NERC CIP cyber security requirements
  • Drivetrain configurations available for 15 turbine Wind brands and more than 40 Wind turbine models
  • Scalable solutions from direct-drive Wind turbines all the way to Wind turbines with multiple main bearings and 4-stage gearboxes (planetary-planetary-planetary-helical, with pump stage)
**for a wind farm with 200 turbines

With more than 28,000 condition monitoring systems installed in wind turbines globally, we know and speak the language of Wind turbine monitoring. And after more than 60 years in the condition monitoring and machine protection industry, we’ve developed the experience to deliver systems that consistently detect failures and save our customer millions of dollars annually. Let us help you experience a level of operational efficiency and up-time only possible with insights from Bently Nevada CMS.