Online Condition Monitoring

Industries that rely on mission-critical machinery choose our condition monitoring

Before the widespread use of computers, our machinery protection monitors maintained continuous automated protection, delivering chart recorder outputs and local indicators for condition monitoring.

As computers evolved, we paved the way for online condition monitoring with digital signal processing, networked communications and analytic software employed in our current machinery protection series, now monitoring and delivering data to our System 1* software.   

Praised for their integrity and reliability, these systems enabled a power generation facility to save $1 million, a petroleum refinery $5 million and a coal-fired plant to cut 250 days of downtime.

Our current Acceleration Sensors portfolio provides a range of options. We invite you to scroll down for more on our latest Solutions.

Product Features

  • Maximizes revenue, minimizes cost

    Improves uptime and product quality, reduces unplanned outages and limits unscheduled repairs.

  • Supports all machinery types

    Provides consistent condition monitoring to sensors, signals, scanning and alert systems as well as access to protection for System 1.


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