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Asset Protection and Condition Monitoring

BHGE turbine for LNG

BHGE's ground breaking Bently Nevada technology encompasses rack-based and distributed machinery condition monitoring software and hardware solutions, vibration monitoring equipment and sensors that enable greater asset reliability and enhanced efficiency for your operations, are backed by an expert global support system.

Unexpected machinery failure is expensive. It results in unplanned downtime and can cause secondary failures to other machine components, which can create HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) risk. Bently Nevada is leading the charge to minimize machine failure and keep your projects moving forward.

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Asset Condition Monitoring

Asset condition monitoring combines advanced hardware, intelligent software, and trusted service and support – providing a broad, connected view of your operations and machines. Together, they enable you to mitigate risk, boost safety, and reduce maintenance costs, while improving equipment reliability, uptime, and efficiency. 

Hardware Monitoring Systems

Hardware monitoring systems and sensors protect your equipment and collect rich condition monitoring and diagnostic data for analysis. Condition monitoring and diagnostics software, like System 1, connects real-time and historical data from production equipment to help you anticipate failure before it occurs. With scalable deployment and ongoing support service offerings, you can ensure that you’re maximizing the value of your condition monitoring program.

About BHGE

Bently Nevada is a proud part of Baker Hughes, a GE company, whose innovations have been moving the industry forward for over a century. Today machines are smarter than ever, with thousands of sensors that provide us with unprecedented quantities of data. We’re committed to using the full potential of that data with digital solutions that help our customers solve some of their biggest problems. The next phase of the Industrial Internet is here, and BHGE is leading the way. 

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With more than 40 years of technical training experience, we have pioneered the art of long-term skill development. Bently Nevada product training is conducted by our core group of instructors and experienced field engineers to provide a world-class training experience.

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