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Multi Channel Flaw Detectors

Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

Krautkrämer systems-level ultrasonic flaw detection instrumentation is specifically designed with the performance and features required for third party integration into high speed automated inspection lines.

These instruments can process your inspection data at the highest speeds while still ensuring exceptional probability of detection.  With additional noise suppression technology, no test shot is lost, so every single pulse is evaluated. 

Configurations are available for a wide array of applications in the Aerospace and Automotive industry and allow for automatic and manual analysis of single flaws interacted flaws and wall thickness measurement. Some additional applications include:

  • Forging inspection
  • Billet inspection
  • Composite inspection
  • Piston testing
  • Bar and tube testing
  • Rail and wheel inspection
  • ERW/Saw weld inspection
  • Gas Cylinder inspection
  • Casting flaw inspection

Combining inspection productivity and full ultrasonic coverage requires high-powered electronics. We design our instruments to bridge the gap and bring your inspections to the next level of performance.

Multi-channel conventional ultrasonic instrument platform

Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV – ESSENTIAL

As the successor of the USIP 40 multi-channel flaw detector, the newly available Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV solves a growing need for easy, cost-effective integration. The improved multi-instrument architecture helps to optimize automation capabilities and provides more interfaces and flexibility.

The USIP|xs CV can be integrated into any automated and semi-automated inspection system. With a wide range of channel configurations available, the instrument is fully scalable in performance and associated pricing. Thus, it is well suited to the widest range of projects and applications – e.g., in non-destructive testing for quality assurance, process control, or for R&D.


Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV - ESSENTIAL: Key Highlights

Krautkrämer USIP 40 - Multi-Channel Flaw Detector

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