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Inspection Beyond FOD

Air India LTD is the flag carrier airline of India. Mentor Visual iQ* changed the way they look inside engines.


As aircraft engines are becoming more and more powerful and use more exotic materials, the internal stresses on engine components are increasing. There is a marked increase in the types of assessment of indications sought during an inspection. Indications have gone beyond the concepts of FOD damage and general serviceability; it is the age of quantifying indications such as stress and fatigue failures. Most of these indications are not only unpredictable, but also difficult to locate. Operators require and are asking for more and more information on indications such as depth and contour.

BHGE as Part of the Solution

Inspection Technologies’ Mentor Visual iQ has changed the way Air India looks inside the engine. Outstanding clarity, ease of operation, wider range of view and 3D measurement techniques on-demand are some of the prominent advantages. These features have made the inspections more reliable and stresses on the work force have been reduced to achieve a greater level of comfort and confidence in determining serviceability. In addition, the MVIQ technical support team are always available to take care of emergencies and backup requirements.

Technology Highlights

  • Easy to operate using either multi-point interactive touchscreen controls and on-screen keyboard, or ergonomic joystick and hard keys 
  • Advanced analysis using 3D phase and 3D Stereo measurement with fully surfaced point-cloud visualization providing unsurpassed levels of measurement accuracy and confidence in measurement results. 
  • Capture crystal clear live video and still images with Adaptive Noise Reduction and High Dynamic Range still image capture
Air Asia

Air Asia is one of the largest operators of commercial aircraft in Asia.