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Edge Devices

Edge Devices

BHGE’s edge devices provide state-of-the-art intelligence that effectively link our Industrial IoT users. As the Internet world demands more and more data at the fastest rate possible, don’t get left behind! Allow us to enhance your networking experience with high-level interconnectivity between internal local area networks (LAN) and external wide area networks (WAN), and more! Process data and share information with technology that is distance-friendly (i.e. sensors and centralization) without the inconvenient need to communicate through the cloud.

BHGE edge devices support:

  • Bently Nevada
  • Druck
  • Panametrics
  • Inspection Technologies

IIoT Software

Industrial Internet of Things Software

BHGE has the total package in Industrial IoT software as a leading fullstream company that includes the usage of artificial intelligence (AI). Our unprecedented portfolio stands to significantly help increase productivity in the oil and gas industry. Take advantage of several BHGE software products deliberately built to unveil the unforeseeable and transport you to a whole new frontier of solutions!

We emphasize the importance of these areas:

  • Field Development & Planning
  • Production & Recovery Optimization
  • Fit for Purpose Solutions

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

BHGE is beyond excited to share our deep expertise and provide as a robust support system on a worldwide scale. We recognize that our success in the oil and gas business is heavily set on sustaining edifying relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and international operators.

Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge

Our rich heritage that represents an array of industries gives us a versatile edge in problem-solving and overall industry knowledge. Upon merging as one, Baker Hughes and GE Oil & Gas combine for over 125 years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Dedicated to innovate well into the future, BHGE’s unstoppable trajectory aims to improve business in over 120 countries. 

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